For more than 30 years we have been evaluating independently, providing comprehensive advice and utilizing various methods to sale for our clients.

Time and time again, our in-house auctions are special events that attract a great deal of attention from the press and a broad public.
Supplemented by insolvency property and collection auctions, as well as the auction of estates and real estate, the offer leaves nothing to be desired.
What all auctions have in common is that they take place where we find the items to be auctioned. This means that we are not a classic auction house in the strict sense.
Our advantages are our flexibility, our creativity and our talent for organization. In this way, we can create event auctions in celebrity residences as well as aircraft auctions in their hangars or insolvency auctions in production halls.

We plan our complex auction logistics at our Albstadt and Wiesbaden locations. At our warehouse locations in Rhein-Main and southern Germany, we bring together and pick. Together with our respective partners, we then conduct unique auctions and sales events throughout Germany.

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